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Visualization of Durgapur
Any event that has taken place in any field in the world and which is noted down in the annals is called ” History”. It is ” History” again when inspiring past events are stored and remembered and brought up an the memory screen. A bridge made of live Inner sentiments awakening our felings as a keeper of Relationships is also called agin ”History” Exactly for that reason, we have given concrete shape to our desire to present befor you the picture-presentation of our dear Native place ” Durgapur ”, a jewel of our village Navavas, a ” History ” Starting with foundation stones to founding fathers who shine out with brilliance of the stars.

”Kutch ”-a magic of two and a half letters - whose people are know all over the world for their hardwork, bravery, honesty and integrity and excel. prominently in love for their native place, compassion and mercy all this is written in golden ink in every page of its history; examples of their service to humanity in normal as well as in hours of crisis are given for inspiration to others. History for such people of Kutch and the existence of kutch stand out in class by itself. Our village Durgapur thus stands on sucha historical land of valour. Navavas - our dear native place - is only 5km. from Mandvi Harbour.

Long ago Mandvi Harbour was busy. being a port of call from 84 - parts of the world in its peak period of prosperity, that is why our village was rich and prosperous and got the nickname of ” Shethiamanu ”
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