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a website made of and by the Kutchi community, the first ever digital directory.

AsanjoKutch is an effort for all its Kutchi people to come together on one platform and tell the world this is our  "ASANJOKutch"

A Directory made with the core team comprising of Kutchi Ladies, who become our messengers for collection of information of all the people in and out of Kutch, but having their roots in Kutch.

The concept of AsanjoKutch lies in its unique feature of being a very dynamic site.  The aim of the site is to reach anybody and anyone, for help or for information with just a click of the mouse.  An attempt has been made to search anybody on the digital directory with the remotest of information available with him/her. 

The site concentrates more on the people of Kutch rather than history or past of Kutch.  The site was  thought more with the motive of being a very handy and helpful device at the time of need.  There are general information sections available on the site with regards temples, places, history, geography and like. The site also contains sections on astrology, career and education , women and kids section, investment and planning etc. 

The website  concentrates  on being a platform of help, be in terms of availability of blood donors, doctors, hospitals, education institutions, emergency services, charitable trusts etc. , last but not the least the highlight of the site remains the search of the needed blood, available in your own area within seconds. 

The site being a commercial site also aims at promoting the various business and gruh udyog run by the Kutchi businessmen among the community so as to stand strong against the outside competition.  The emergence of Info line, a comprehensive Business directory and the Professional directory on the telephone is also one of its unique features. Through this facility AsanjoKutch will be available for help on telephone line also for the whole community.  

The website will be updated continuously on the latest with more and more people becoming a part of the directory everyday. AsanjoKutch the first ever Family, Business and Professional digital directory of the Kutchi community..

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