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Culture of Kutch

People in Kutch have different religious, different occupations and different beliefs, but they are one as Kutchis. Through their culture they remain together. Almost all people of Kutch believe in Brahmans and start any new work, on the advice of Brahman. If anyone breaks rule of its community is severely punished. And if injustice happens, they won't hesitate to fight against it. Kutchis can give their lives to fulfil their promise.

Whenever a new village is established or a place is bought for new building, in Kutch, the people so Puja of that land. After the puja only, they start building new buildings. They also do puja by Brahmin when farmers buy new farm or buy cows. In Kutch's culture they also worship and so puja of trees like banyan, pipal, and Tulsi. They also worship cows and snakes.

Almost every part of Kutch, you come across the cremated stones called 'Palia' that are the symbol of bravery of the people around that area. Here they protect women and if any problems or crisis occurs, then they mostly solved with the help of their elders instead of going in court. In many casts of Kutch, cattle are more important than education. There is religion in the base of Kutchi culture. People keep fasts on many religious days and festivals. They also feed cows on such occasions. Many people in Kutch believe in ghosts and supernatural beings. If somebody falls sick without any particular reason then they go to phycic for help.

In Kutch we find many places and buildings that are the examples of local cultures and artistry. It includes religious places, forts, God and Goddesses' place, etc.

In religious places, Lakhpat's Pir Gosh Mahommad's Kuba and Lakhpat's Pir's dargah are the examples of art and it also dipicted in Nakhatrana's Vadi Medi . Lakhpat's fort is also an example of an artistic architecture. Bhuj's Bhjiya Hill's fort is built for the protective reasons. There is also artistic work done in the fort.

In contrast to Dargahs and forts and other religious places, the Sthanks of God and Goddesses' are quiet simple. With these Sthanks wells are also connected. Mata's Madh's architecture is similar to that of well with stairs. Jakkhas' places are built on high hills or on a high terrace and their statues are made along with their horses. In every village of Kutch we find Kuldevi's Deris and that are built for the protection of the village.

In the West Side of any village resides Hanuman's Deri and out of village we find Vachradada's Sthanaks. At the entrance we find Nagdev's Deri. Among Dargahs, Hajipir's dargah is very famous. Other is Murdapir's Dargah. In old times when Kings died, they used to build their Chatardis.

Kutch's civilizations and their architectures of houses are also very different and artistic. There are basically 3 kinds of habitats. First is Maldharis' habitat; second is farmers' habitat, fishermen's habitat.

Maldharis have huts made out of clay with the help of bamboo. These huts are made in such a way that it keeps it cool in summer and protects it from rain and cold. There huts' ceilings are made out of bamboo and artistically designed. Farmers' architecture is like any little village. They have lanes and their houses on the side of the lanes. They call their houses "Delis". In Banni and farmers' habitat, the architecture of kitchen is almost similar. They are artistic and well defined. Fishermen's habitats have their houses built in sands that they call "Dhango". Kharva, Bhdalas, and Muslims Vadheros resides here.

The main feature of Kutchi culture is tattoo. Kutchi women of Banni, Harijan, Aahir, Rabari, Bhunashli casts have tattoos done on their hands, on the back side of palm, between their eye brows, neck, chest, legs, etc. They tattoo any kinds of shapes and figures.

Another feature of Kutchi culture is its musical instruments. Dhol is a kind of an instrument like drum that has an important place in the culture. They are used for many reasons and in many events like fairs, wars, in announcing a public meeting, etc. There are also instruments that are used in religious songs called Bhjans like Ramsagar, Zaz-Pakhvaj, Manjira and Dholak. Maldharis have their own kinds of musical instruments like Morchang, Nalvadan and Algoza .

In Kutch the painter is called "Kamangar" and the painting is called "Kamagari". In this type of artistry they paint walls with brushes made out of Khajuri's leaves. Instead of boring life of everyday people here have artistic features in every aspect of their lives like their houses, their clothes and paintings

All these aspects and features of Kutch keeps the culture alive


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