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Professional Details

Personal information

Name :

Dr. Nalini Tekchand Vira

DOB : 29.3.1959
Village : Bada
Occupation : Homoeopath
Address : 20, Vasant Nivas, Tilak Road,
Ghatkopar (East),
Mumbai - 400077.

Tel. No. : 511 3529 / 511 3596

Academic Qualification


L.C.E.H. (Bom) BSc. D.M.L.T.



Dr. Nalini Vira is a leading Homoeopath of Ghatkopar practising for the last twenty years. She and her husband Dr. Tekchand Vira - a Consulting Surgeon and Accident Specialist, practice at their own Riddhi Hospital & Siddhi Homoeopathic Center at Dharmoday, Jivdaya Lane, Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai - 400 086. Dr. Nalini Vira specialises in the treatment of Bronchial Asthma, Arthritis, Obesity, Skin Diseases and Bedwetting in children.

Having been trained in personal excellence, leadership, public speaking, industrial management,
dramatics and human resources, Dr. Nalini Vira imparts training in Public Speaking & Personality Development and English Language proficiency to school and college students, businessmen, professionals, executives, etc. through her own Vira Speakers' Academy - VISPA. Hundreds of participants have benefitted from this training and have learnt to make their mark and be 'a cut above the rest'.

A distinguished speaker, Dr. Nalini, has addressed schools, colleges, Lions, Rotary bodies, other organisations etc. on topics like Homoeopathy, Sex Education, Effective Parenting, Communication skills, personality development, family planning, vocational guidance, humor etc.
She has conducted workshops on Time Management, Personality Development etc. in schools, colleges and organisations.

She is involved in alround development of womens and children. She is a member of several medical, social and cultural organisations. She also contributes articles, poems, drama-scripts etc. to several magazines. She has a daughter Riddhi who is brilliant not only in adademics but also in extra curricular activities.

Clinic Details


Clinic 1 : Siddhi Homoeopathic Center,
Dharmoday A. 1st Floor, Jivadaya Lane,
Agra Road Junction,
Mumbai - 400 086.
Tel. No. : 512 5096/515 7727
Clinic 2 : Northstar Polyclinic,
Opp: Dena Bank,
LBS Marg, Bhandup,
Mumbai - 400 078.
Tel. No. : 561 0592/561 4576

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