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Family Details

Personal information

Name :

Uttam Gangji Chheda

Village : Bhadia Nana
DOB : 17th January 1970
Address : C-7, Makwana Nagar
Carter Road No.2, or 3,
Opp. BMC Hospital
Borivali, Mumbai
Tel No. : 806 1005

"Panjomadu 1997" Award Winner (Stage Artist, Writer, Director)

Uttam Gangji Dungarshi Chedda - Group's Name : "Jainy Arts"

Uttam Chedda is one of the successful elocutionist, actor, director, writer and organiser. He is genius in organising musical programs in Prathana sabha, Mataji's Pahedi, Bhavna, Sanji, Marriage, engagement, padravidhi,religious and cultural programs etc. He also organises many entertainment programs like picnic, games and many more. The rising star,Uttam Chedda is "One Man with Many Talents".

This star was born on the 17th of January, 1970 in Kutch Mandavi taluka in Nana Bhadia. He used to perform several plays while studing. Impressed by his performance, he got his first break in cultural program of Savla Vidyalaya. His journey to success started in 1986 when he performed a lead role in the play-"Lagwag" in India's biggest auditorium "Sanmukhanand".

In 1992 due to his appreciable role in the Kathiyawadi play "Ragdontod" organised by the Kutchi Mahila Federation, he was invited by Bhakti theatre. Shri Vasant Maru of Koday the main organiser of the theatre accepted Uttam Chedda as his disciple. After joining this theatre he had to never look back. He performed in the plays like "Chakravyu, Mani Mani Nondhara, Lagni" at professional level.

His first experiment was translating Gujrati play - "Patani Jod" in Kutchi play-"Gadha Gada Variyhe" which was sponsored by Kutch Yuvak Sangh. Then after inspired by Shri Vasant Maru, he wrote and directed following plays "Kutch ni Kathinai, Om Swaha, Prem Vartur, Savdhan Itihas Badlay Che, Ami Chandan, Ami Dhrusti".

Till today he has completed 19 shows of the play "Kutch ni Kathinai" without any professional or selfish motive. For this selfless service in 1997 he received "Panjo Madu" award. He got 2nd prize by K.V.O seva Samaj for his play "Prem Vartud" act_buoed, written and directed by Uttam Chedda.


Certificates Received


Certificate of Merit Awarded By Kutch Mahila Federation At Yuva Abhiyan ' 92 For Participating in Drama - Cultural Programme
Certificate In Appreciation Of Participation In Cultural Show Organised To celebrate Shree Nana Bhadia Mitra Mandal's Golden Jubilee

Certificate Of Merit Awarded On The Occasion Of Inauguration Of Sanatorium, Multipurpose Hall And Lunch Home Of Jain Religious Sthanak By Shree Beraja Aath Koti Moti Paksh
Sthanak Vasi Jain Sangh

and more...

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