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25 - Sep - 11
The group formed by KVO took up a challenging and adventurous task, of travelling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (K2K) on their bikes. The 11 bike enthusiasts, all in their early 40’s, are on a 23 day adventure, which took off on 5th Sept 2011. The group has proved that ‘Age is just a number’, and what important is the passion and determination to fulfill the passion. We, Kutchi Yuva’s, at Hyderabad on 22nd Sept 2011, were lucky to have the chance to meet these personalities, whose travel diary included ‘Hyderabad'. The ‘Bike Riders’ had to face a small hurdle. Their bikes had some technical issue and they were held up at Nagpur. We accompanied them from Medchal, 40 kms away from city . The group of 15 member of Yuva, inspired by their act with the help of Pankaj Savla, decided to travel on bike to Medchal. It was an inspirational and learning experience for us. Age does not really matter if our dreams have to be accomplished. Passion, determination, courage, right attitude are some positive traits that can help anyone to achieve anything. The journey of life is similar to the journey of road these bikers took. There will be excitement, joy, challenges, hurdles in our way, but we need to take up every challenge that comes our way and should be determined to overcome them and move ahead. Our motto was not just to have a ride with these energetic people but had a motto for all our youth which was to take safety precaution while driving and NON CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL and say NO TO SMOKING too. We the entire youth of our community wishes them good luck and in advance congratulate them for their achievement. The group is now on the verge of reaching their milestone. With Regrads, PANKAJ SAVLA - HYDERABAD, MANAV MITRA.
  Picture Gallery
Kudos to “The Bike Riders”!!!
Kudos to “The Bike Riders”!!!
Kudos to “The Bike Riders”!!!

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