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Minal Manilal Hariya

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Address  : 5,Lavanya Bldg,Ghatkopar (E),Mumbai,400077
Tel.        :25135542
Mobile   :9869572079

   Products :

Pyra-Vastu Shastra
Pyramid Vastu is a powerful science which creates balance and harmony,with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra.
Personal Pyra-Vastu
To attract more wealth and wellness,precise combination of techiques to increase energy, revitalize your health,happiness,Peace and Prosperity
Graphology(Hand Writing Analysis)
A Science which provides deep insights into a person’s life,by pen down a handful of words,Graphology is not a simply ‘handwriting analysis is the study of all graphic movement.margins,baseline,handwriting size,spacing between line,words,letter, pressure, slant,zones connections,signature, etc….tells us about your personal trait, conscious and sub-conscious mind
When life seems to be full of doubts and uncertainty a source of inspiration is through…Tarot.Tarot is a tool for divination. Cards are often used to know about past and future analyse problems and understand yourself and others a little better. It invariably points to possibilities rather than probabilities
Numerology is an ancient art based on numbers.It is a marvellous tool for discovering the hidden meaning of your name,date of birth It is a knowledge that allows you to expand the horizon of your spiritual awareness. The study of occult meaning of numbers
Powerful Yantras & Energy Grids

Poweful Yantras are different types of yantras. Now a days to slove practica problems pre-programmed yantras are used.We have varities of yantras, in All SIZES Like all Navgraha Yantra,Sampurna Mahalaxmi Yantra,Vyapar Siddhi Yantra,Vastudosh Nivarna Yantra, and etc….. These yantras are non religious and no worship/ritual is needed as they are energised and pre-programmed
Energy Grids-The Field of energy is created with crystal,yantras and precious and semi precious stones.As per the need the energy fields (grids)are energised,programmed and Utilize hidden capabilities to achieve a better to

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