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Satish Shakarlal Vani

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Profile: Address  : 462,Shree Ram Bhavan,Shop No.9,N.P.Rd,Near Garnish Hotel, King Circle,Mumbai-400019
Tel.        :9819923926

Konark Puzzles since 1984.

Products :

Festival Offer
50% Offer On Games Puzzles & Magics

A Puzzles, Games, Toys, Magic Collector, Research & Study on Games Puzzles. Teaches & Training games puzzles, Magic.Selling up a toy library please contact us full guidance for a toy books games library.
The Best Card tricks / finest card trick Just start to get magic with normal 52 cards tricks. Illusions magic dancing rings our special items. Milling coin in water tricks. Pen change pencil in any ordinary handkerchief. Ice water magic Math’s magic tricks.Know & Learn World
Abstract = 24 cards lying on the table pick up 2-3-4 cards, try to make square or pair. A very valuable game in my collection. Another Top class puzzles:-Pantomime & pent cubes – wooden 12 pieces to create 2000 shaper easy to play 400 shapes with solution. Top classic educative self learn more lesson more 3D shapes to great makes a great challenge unusual experience.
Its very classics lifetime collection more plays more fun! Know & understand. Unlimited secretes & creation of their game. Too good to solve. Place your order now! Wooden, Eggs, crystal, star plus, pineapple and blossom puzzle. Very low Special prices with training and methods.String cube fun.
A very unique and classic 3D cube fun great challenge Limited stock. 6 piece and 24 pieces puzzles ,Classic burr puzzles collection.3D puzzles of Burr variety unique and rear 6 classics Domino games with rules book unique math’s games for family Memory skill games!
Memory matches up games. Figure fun games! Jumper & hopers puzzles. Go crazy 6 players game a great coco fun for memory! Match & Move for Eureka game. Math’s magic tricks.7 great classics tricks for Rs. 495/-

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