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   Midas Solutions  

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Nehal Anil Bajaj (Gala)

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Address  : D-404, New Usha Nagar CHS, Village Road, Bhandup (W), Mumbai - 400078
Tel.        :9820520681
Mobile   :9833392019
Website :

Company Profile: LOYALTY MIDAS is one of a kind solution that is specifically developed for the booming RETAIL industry. LoyaltyMidas will guide you through the innumerable decisions that need to be made ensuring that your customer-focused program will provide maximum knowledge and returns possible.
LoyaltyMidas helps you to transform a normal shopper to a loyal customer by:-

  • Maintaining a database of Customers

  • Offering rewards to Customers who have accumulated Loyalty Points

  • Our goal is to create excitement in your customerís buying process. Its a tool to increase Customer Retention, Customer Referrals and Profitability. Customers can become a member of the Loyalty Program based on customized Mall policies.
    The trend is to design Campaigns and Schemes based on analysis of buying frequency and customer demographics. Prizes and rewards are offered to loyal customers, thus building Relations and increasing Retention.

    How LoyaltyMidas program can help to your business
  • Helps you to Know your Customer

  • Gathering information about your customer

  • Attracting new customers and users

  • Improve Customer Spending and Retention keeping them loyal

  • Collect and Manage Marketing Data

  • What are the advantages of using loyalty programs
  • Image benefits through a sophisticated, modern sales philosophy

  • Reduced marketing costs through better targeting

  • More personalized service through more accurate consumer data

  • Lower acquisition costs; lower transaction costs by moving customers online

  • Reduced cost of sale through increased customer loyalty

  • How LoyaltyMidas can help you operate your own loyalty program
  • We provide software solutions for loyalty programs

  • We offer our know-how in running loyalty programs in consultancy services

  • What kind of solutions can be provided by LoyaltyMidas
  • Software for operating your company loyalty program

  • Software for "Multi Location" loyalty program. These are multi-location /party systems, where group of companies can join and use the same loyalty program

  • What are the advantages of Multi loyalty program
  • Not closed system for only selected company

  • Companies can instantly access huge pool of new potential consumers

  • Consumers can earn and spend at anywhere (in your group companies)

  • They are well educated and know value of points in program

  •    Products :

  • Loyalty Software

  • Loyalty Cards

  • PVC/Plastic Cards

  • Photo ID Cards

  • Discount Cards

  • Health Cards

  • Privilege Cards

  • Membership Cards

  • Card Holders, Lanyards, Yoyos, Button Badges, etc

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