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  Rich Kwality Products Pvt. Ltd.

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Directors :

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Business Profile    :    
Address  : 
"C" Bldg., 1st Floor,
                Paragon Condominium, Paragon Textile Mill Compound
                P.B.Marg, Mumbai 400 013.
Tel.         :
5662 3500
Fax         : 98922 25609
Email      :


Products : Rich Kwality Products Private Ltd is a joint venture of Rich
Product Corp.USA) and Kwality Frozen Foods Ltd. (Pioneers in
the frozen foods industry in India).

RICH'S WHIP TOPPING - Rich’s is well know in the Confectionery Industry for Rich's Whip Topping and over the years it is now most Preferred choice by the Professional Confectioner. Rich's Whip Topping a popular brand in 76 Countries is available in 2 kg pure packs, which is produced and packed, in most hygienic Conditions in India with a technology support from U.S.A. Rich's Whip Topping offers the utmost in product quality and Menu Versatility. You can use this as Icing or Filling to create a Great Customer Tempting Recipes.

Unlike the competition, Rich's Whip Topping doesn't curdle, weep or Break down when mixed with acidic Fruits, Coloring or Flavoring. Necessary to make exotic desserts!

Rich's Whip Topping allows you to prepare the recipes that under refrigeration
Continue to look good and taste hours. Even days later. Rich’s Whip Topping
has great stability, easier to have smooth finish on Cakes. Rich’s has a team
Of professionals who can train your staff on the latest International Cake Decorating Techniques. Rich's also takes a step ahead and thinks of growing
Your business by supporting your Cake Shops to promote Cakes during Valentine Day, Mother's Day, and even on Raksha bandhan.

Rich Kwality helps you to establish your confectionery business. We give display ideas and also staff grooming tips. We care for your Business like our own.

RICH's DOUBLE DREAM - Double Dream, a 100% VEGETARIAN unique Whip -n- Cook Topping for the Retail market. Double Dream is exciting product in the sense it can whip for Desserts and Cakes and also can be used for Hot Applications like Italian. Pastas, Dal Makhani or even making Vegetarian Mayonnaise. Double Dream is low on Calories and negligible on Cholesterol.

Double Dream is an ideal replacement for Dairy Cream and most conveniently available in 200 ml tetrapak for the home use. Double Dream makes your Dinners and Dessert come Alive!

COOKING RICH - COOKING RICH is hotelier's dream come true. Ideal for gravies, soups and garnishing. Does not crudle or split. Unlike dairy cream does not ferment or turn sour. Comes in tamper proof international packaging. Ensures the user of a standard product the fist time and every time.



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