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Its harsh life for security personnel at the Rann of Kutch
21 July 2007

As India moves ahead to celebrate its 61st Independence Day, a large number of soldiers deployed at the Rann of Kutch take pride in the fact that they are contributing to national security, though braving hardships rarely heard by anyone.  Border Security Force (BSF) personnel face a blazing sun and vast marshy stretches while maintaining constant vigil on camel-back , fast patrolling boats and foot along the India-Pakistan border.

The BSF personnel present a picture of commitment and camaraderie during their multi-pronged operations over 500 kilometres in Gujarat’s Bhuj region, Sir Creek and the Rann of Kutch. It remains a highly guarded life here, since the border areas are never free from infiltrators, smugglers and illegal migrants. Consistent vigil with alertness is the key to prevent it.

Despite facing such hardships every day, the patrolling personnel often come across fully armed insurgents sneaking into Indian territory with detonators and other destructive devices. B.S. Sangala, Assistant Commandant, 124 BSF, 1111 Border Outpost (BoP), admitted to the miserable condition of his duty-bound personnel.

He says that visits by VIPs usually prove a blessing in disguise. "When VIPs or the press corps comes, conditions improve. Otherwise, it is very tough to live here." Sangala says. "We are provided normal food and clean drinking water is rarely available. There are snakes and scorpion everywhere," he adds. M. P. Upadhyaya, a head constable with the BSF endorsed his chief’s views, adding that at times the water was both salty and rusty.

Courtesy: - Jacksonville,FL,USA kutchhis globally , from Mumbai

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