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Death Anniversary of Dr. Rashmi Mayur
09 February 2005

                               Death Anniversary -An Ode to Brother


“ I seldom recognized why I was here for the time passed like a second. My life was too fast as if it was a legend,” wrote Rashmi Mayur, prophetically in  “Poetry of Life,” his last collection of writings, which he wrote while he was recovering from a stroke in Mumbai, India. On 10 Feb. 2004 his life passed like a brilliant flash of light from here into the universe - perhaps on a more spectacular mission. In another context he wrote: “I am searching for new ways to find the future in the universe of tomorrow.”


My dear brother, you completed your journey and I will follow the same path. The lifestyle you lived made time gallop with speed. Life is to be alive, lively, which you always lived with passion for a cause to save the Mother Earth, but finally it ends with death – reducing all life into dust. Four billion years into the future when the Sun will cool, all life on the Mother Earth will be reduced to nothing. Some humans may find home somewhere else in the planetary system, but as long as there is birth, death has to follow. Journey of life is infinitesimal considering the infinity of time. It is like a moment in geologic time, that we spend here in the inn of life. When my time comes I shall join you and our parents wherever you are in this infinite journey into the universe.


Now you are not there to protect me from the wretchedness of life or guide me while making an important decision or discuss science or philosophy of life. I will have to face this cold, remorseless world with zeal and courage obtained from your inspiration and I also recognize that ultimately the strongest spirits too have to crumble at the misfortunate truth about life and death.


You were special, a well-known futurist, an environmentalist, an educator, a scientist, a conservationist, and much more. You were a voracious reader, a prolific writer,. Recently when the tsunami struck South Asia devastating 12 countries and taking away more than 200,000 lives and affecting many more – your absence was definitely felt especially your insight into such a massive, colossal disaster. This event shows that everything is temporary. A beat, which brings us here, waits to take all of us with time and disappear far into the unknown. Many, many all over the world will remember your goodness, your kindness, and your fights for the poor. Your loss is irreplaceable. It is said that time and tide wait for nobody but the memories do live, which also wane with time. But the comic drama of life will go on as long as there is life.


I say adieu to you for your sweet smile, gentility, kindness and free love – virtues that are becoming rare in the increasingly sick, drab, wretched and inhuman world. You are tremendously missed until……


“ The earth breathes, we live; it pauses in breath, we die.” Kahlil Gibran



By Kumudini Mayur

 Dr. Kumudini Mayur is the sister of Dr. Rashmi Mayur, based in Washington, DC metro area. kutchhis globally , from Mumbai

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