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Kutch industry looks to private desalination plants
05 May 2018
Facing a severe water shortage, industrial units in Kutch are looking at alternative solutions to meet their water needs. Industrial units in Kutch are currently supplied 15-17 million litres a day (MLD) against their allocation of 85 MLD by the state government. Gujarat Water Infrastructure Limited (GWIL) has also stopped supply to industrial units from its Anjar-Mandvi pipeline, government sources confirmed. To survive, the Federation of Kutch Industries Association (FOKIA) has lined up supply from captive seawater desalination plants in the region.

The association requested the state government to facilitate water supply from private desalination plants to industrial units through the pipeline network of GWIL, a state-run entity that supplies Narmada water to residents and industries in Kutch.
In a letter to chief minister Vijay Rupani the association stated that Adani Power Limited and Sanghi Industries Limited are willing to supply approximately 25 MLD from their captive desalination plants in the west and south of Kutch.
The letter from FOKIA says,The region where water supply has been stopped by GWIL has a functional investment of Rs 70,000 crore. The stoppage of water supply to these industries is causing production and revenue loss.
We are very much aware of the grave water situation in the state and are cooperating with the state government to deal with the crisis. We welcome the government's bold initiative to set up a series of seawater desalination plants, which may take 3-4 years. For immediate relief, the surplus capacity of present seawater desalination plants in Kutch district should be tapped,Phadke said. kutchhis globally , from Mumbai

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