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8, Amrutwar Building,
441, S.B.Marg,Lower Parel,

Tel-4628599 / 4927287 (5pm to 9pm)
Telefax:4919761 (11 to 5pm)

Name Of The Trustees:

1.Mr.Harkhchand k.Savla(Businessman)

2.Mrs.Nirmala H.Savla (Social Worker)

3.Mr.Navin C.Shah(Nagda) (Chartered Accountant)

4.Mr.Dr.Kaushik Gada (General Practitioner)

Donation and Sponsorship Budget

Description Rupees
Distribution Of lunch packets & fruits in Tata Hospital Everyday 1,500/-
Monthly Expenses for 1 patient 5,000/-
Monthly Expenses for 2 patients 10,000/-
Blood Donation Camp 25,000/-
One day picnic once in a year 25,000/-
Library of Books 1,00,000/-
Audio/Video/Library on Medicines,Science,Arts,Music,Philosophy etc.; 2,50,000/-
Reasearch & Scholarship for Higher Studies In Medicine, Surgery,Cellular Biology,Immunology,Information Technology,Telemedicine Telesurgery etc. 5,00,000/-
Permanent Project Sponsorship in the Donor's name 10,00,000/-


Donation would be exempt from tax as per provison of S.80 G.of the I.T.Act. International Donations R.B.I.

Registration No.083780700 Dated 10.2.2000

Advisory Panel of Doctors Advisory Panel of Trustees
Dr.Ramesh Dedhia DhirajChheda
Dr.Balwant Chawda Manilal T.Shah
Dr.Vishan Nagda Kantilal Patni
Dr.Kaushik Gada Sevantibhai B.Shah
  Bharatbhai Sethia


Profile of The Trust


Jeevan JyotCancer Relief & Care Trust(JJCR & CT) is a voluntary organisation,registered under Bombay Public Trust Act.TheThe trust has been Formed by a group of concerned individuals who want to contributes their share to the society for necessary health care in general and to those who are suffering from cancer in Particular.Since more than ten years,the services of the trust are reconised by the organisation like Cancer Patients Aid Association,Indian Cancer Society and Memorials Hospital Mumbai.

Importance of the Trust

The trust has been emerged to take care of such cancer patients who are unble to fight this dreaded disease.The help needed is in the form of funds for the treatment medicines accommodation for the attendants,food etc .

In order to give them support and care,there is a great need of such voluntary organisations.Although there are organisations like Indian Cancer Society,Cancer Patients Aid association which is operating on a national level,but still the No.of patients is so large that there  is a great need of more such organisation.

Activities of The Trust

1.To raise funds for helping the poor patients treatment of Cancer. The process involved is that a cost certificat is made from the concerned doctor of the Hospital.Other details as Income Certificate of patient,Affidavit etc,.are prepared and then case is recommended ti the other Social Trusts for the donation.Check-op camps every week for 10 persons Educational assistance to the children of cancer patients.

2. Major activity of the Trust is to organise Blood Donation Camps with the help of various repited blood banks of the city i.e. Tata Blood Bank,Red Cross Blood bank,Samarpan Blood bank etc,Tata Blood bank has reserved 10% quota of the total blood collection and credited against the Trust's name so that it can be utilised for the needy ones.

3. Distribution for Free Food in Hospital: This is a regular activity of the terust to distribute Free Lunch Packets to the cancer patients and their attendants 5 days a week at the  Tata Hospital.Daily 100 packets are distributed among the patients,one for the patients and one for his attendant.the work of distribution and arrangement for the lunch is responsibility of the trust only.

4.The trust also contributes to the activity of distributionof free ration to the cancer patients.This distrbution is mainly carried by kushal Mangal Trust every Sunday at Dadar Plaza.

5. Most of the patients being from the other parts of the country, the trust looks after the accommodation problem also.The trust also provides emotional coinceling to the patients to fight their depression,fear and other anxieties.

6.Donation of hand drived Tricylces,Wheel chairs,Crutches,Calipers,Artificial limbs handicapped persons.

7.Every year cancer patients are taken on a One day Picnic to Amusement Park,Water park,picnic spots or nearby places of Mumbai.

8.Exibition and Slide Shows through mobile vanin Mumbai.

9.Lecture and Seminars on Cancer awareness in the Socity.

10.Cancer Reserch Scholarship for4 higher studies in medicine,Surgery,Cellular Biology,Immunology and Information Technology.





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