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Sheth Shri Shamji Korshi Dedhia Charitable "Prince Health Center"

1, "Govind" Nandanvan,
S.V.road, Dahisar (e),
Mumbai - 400 067.
Phone # 895 3263 893 3353
Fax # 892 1317

Run by

Shri Kutchi Visa Oswal Jain Manav Kalyan Kendra (Dahisar)


A short report on the activities of the institute in last decade 

This center was opened on 17-10-91 at Dahisar. It has 29 medical departments in which 81 expert doctors are handling 700 to 800 patients everyday. In the last 10 years, 11,54,19 patients have used the facilities of this center. 

Different medical activities of the center

Free eye Camp

Every year around 500 to 600 patients visits free eye camp organized by the center. In last 10 years 958 patients have used this facilities and the center also gave medicines and sold spectacles at low rates.

Blood donation camp

With the help of donors, the center organizes blood donation camps. Shri Khetshi Jadavji Gala and family and the next six by Shri Bhagwanbhai Morarji Gala and Shri Premji Velji Shethia organized the first camp of the center from the donation. 

Free acupressure camp 

This camp was organized from 15-1-92 to 30-1-92 on the death anniversary of Pujya Devji Keshavji Gala. This camp was run under the hands of Shrimati Madhri Mehta of Jai Bhagwan Accupressure Service. 

The center also gives its building area to other serviceable institutes like Swaminarayan Sampraday, Swadhyay Parivar and Digambar Society for religious lectures. They don't charge anything from them.

 Camp for heart disease 

This camp was held from 10-2-94 to 29-1-94 at Piushpani Mandir, under the hands of Dr.Tribhuwandas Karolia of Bhavnagar. Patients of diabetes have also benefited through this camp. Total number of patients at the camp was 60. 

Camp on cancer 

In 5-7-93, the first cancer camp was organized. Dr.Nalini Mehta came from America to attend this camp. She gave information about the different kinds of cancer. In a separate camp for breast cancer, 78 patients benefited and for other kinds of cancer camp 95 were benefited. 

The TB camp 

This camp was organized on 2-1-94 in which 129 patients participated. 

The camp for BP patients 

Dr.Dhiraj Baowa organized this camp on 30-11-96 with the help of other doctors.

Health oriented lectures
Shri Kantibhai Pithadia
Practical of how food, lifestyle and thoughts can affect our body
My child is
not eating
Child specialist Dr.
Hathi Saheb
how to take care of child, what type of Food to give and About moralities
Health Food
Prabhaben Sangoi
how and what to make breakfast for Child. Cooking Demonstrations and competitions
Shri Y.P.Shukla

health and Concentration of mind through yog

Heart diseases
Dr. Tribhuvandas Kareli
Remedy of heart Diseases through Naturopathy
Dr.Anand Gokani
How to prevent And control
Dr.Prakash Kandekar
benefits of naturopathy
Remedies self urine
Shri Ramanik Gada
Benefits of remedies by self urine

Specialties of the Institute

Cataract operation  

The institute does a cataract operation without taking any charges from the needy patients. 

Bypass surgery, kidney transplant, cancer and other kinds of operation are done in operated in Bombay hospital, Hinduja hospital and Tata memorial hospital with the help of the donation given by the donors. 

Sitiscan, M.R.I, E.E.G, mammography and engiyotheropy are done in privately by the institutes in reasonable rates. 

Eye Donation  

Tarun Mitr Mandal of Chichpokali started the revolution of eye donation.  Workers of the institutes like Dr. Nilash Mehta, Shri Hiten Vora, Rajesh Mehta, Sunil sign and Bindresh Yadhav were honored to start this revolution. 

Free marriages 

In this expansive world many people can't afford big weddings so the institute gives its place on Sundays for two weddings one in the morning and the one in the evening. They also provide all the facilities that require in wedding for free.  Till now the institute organized 310 wedding ceremony and saved around 1 caror rupees. 

Sanjivani Health Path 

This institute situated in Dahisar and provides premium money to the needy middle class families. 

The Earthquake relief 

The disaster earthquake that came in Katch on 26-1-2001; the institute immediately left for Kutch with truck full of grain, dry beans, sugar and tea.  They also brought 42 emergency patients to mumbai and admitted them in Navneet hospital and in other private nursing home.  The institute spent around 5,00,000 on this project. 

Navneet Hospital 

This hospital was built by the donations given by Shri
Navneet publication and by other donors.  This hospital has the facility of 30 beds and is situated at Borivali (east).  For the people who can't afford, the hospital does the kidney dialysis for free. 

Bank of Our Society 

Shri Kutch Co-operative bank limited has been opened in Borivali (west) by the efforts of the trustees of the institute. 

Eye bank 

The health service of Maharashtra government has given the permission to start an eye bank of our trust



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