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Oswal Welfare Charitable Trust

  C/o 65/1,Ganapati Bhuvan,
Jyotiba Phule Road,
Naigaon, Dadar(E),
Mumbai - 400 014
Phone # 415 3783

This trust was open in order to help the needy patients of heart disease, kidney patients, cancer, aids, thelesemia and brain tumor. Four friends, late Shri Harakhchand Jethbhai Savla, Shri Tarachand Ramji Saval, Shri Mothichand Nathbhai Gosrani and Shri Kantilal Keshvji Savla build this trust in 1987. From the help of doctors of hospitals like Hinduja, Lilavati, Tata, K.E.M. and Vadia, and with the help of donors and well wishers, this trust was inaugurated on 3-8-1996. The main credit go to late Shri Mohanlal Dharamshi Shah AKA Padania (Thika- Kenya).

Helpless and needy patients get the benefits of expert doctors' services. They organize free medical camps for the patients who are living in villages. Following free medical camps are organized by the trust till now -

In April 95, they organized camp at Samarpan Hospital of Jamnagar in which 95 patients participated. Mumbai's famous cardiologist Dr.Anil Sharma and neurologist Dr.Bharat Shah gave their services for this camp. 9 patients were brought to Mumbai for further treatment.

In October 95, a camp was organized at Samarpan Hospital, Jamnagar and 61 patients participated in it. Patients took benefits of services of Mumbai's famous neurologist Dr.P.P.Ashok and Dr.Pavan Jain. 16 patients were brought to Mumbai for more treatment.

The camp of different nine expert doctors from different hospitals of Mumbai was organized in Halari Visa Oswal Mahajanwadi, Bhivandi in May 96. 850 patients participated in this camp.

In December 96, a camp was organized at Jamnagar's Irwin Hospital in which Mumbai's famous neurologist Dr.P.S.Ramani and Tat Hospital's world famous surgeon Dr.J.J.Vyas provided their services. 61 patients participated in this camp. Five were brought to ion Hospital for operation.

In March 97, a camp was organized at Irwin Hospital, Jamnagar where arthritis expert Dr.V.R.Joshi, diabetes expert Dr.Padmavati Menon and the expert of disease like lungs and chest, Dr.Kiran B. Jain provided their services. 280 patients participated in this camp and 76 among them brought to Mumbai for treatment.

Jan Jagruti Abhiyan exhibition was held at Kunwarbai Jain Dharmashala, Jamnagar in February 98. They have put up 800 posters and statues to aware people against Pan Parag, chewing tabacco, alcoholic drugs, aids, thelesemia, cancer, non-vegetarianism, social bad customs and dowry. Municipal commissioner Shrimati Sunaina Tomar inaugurated it and 40,000 people participated in this exhibition in four days.

A camp was organized at Irwin Hospital, Jamnagar in September 98, in which world famous cardiac surgeon Dr.Neetu Mandke and well-known cardiologist Dr.Navneetkumar provided their services. 148 patients were treated here and 48 were brought to Mumbai for future treatments and among them 26 got their valve changed.

Free eye camp was organized in Samarpan Hospital, Jamnagar in December 99. 116 patients participated and 85 among them got operated.

Trust's future plans are as follows
  • On the first death anniversary of the founder late Shri Harakhchand Jhethabhai Savla, the trust will organized a camp at Samarpan Hospital in Jamnagar and Mumbai's famous cardiac surgeon Dr.Pavankumar Jain and cardiologist Dr.Sudhir Vaishnav will provide their services.

  • To organize diagnostic camp in Palithana for Jain Sadhus and Shadhvijis. The trust will provide aurvedic, no-chemical based and pure medicines to them.

  • To organize cancer diagnostic camp in Bhivandi, Mumbai.

  • To open a medical clinic on a relief rates in Bhivandi.

The trust also does serviceable activities as following

Blood donation camp, to send medicine in drug banks of government hospitals, eye donation, instruct people about child adoption, aged homes, women' homes, leprosy homes; provide grains, sweets, fruits, milk powder, medicine, biscuits, clothes to these institutes through the help of donors.

Polite Appeal

To give new life for the people who are sick and to run the trust, please donate. People who can't afford expensive medicines and treatments in today's world, we are appealing to you to please help them.

Oswal Welfare Charitable Trust is registered at Charity Committee under V.P.T. act. The money from the donors is tax free under the act of 80G of the rule.

On December 1st and 2nd 2001, the trust has organized an aurvedic camp at Palithana with the help of Gangaswarup Amrutben Khetshi Vidha Gudhka and family and Ahemdabad's Navkar Sarvar Kendra. Mr. and Mrs.Prabhalal Khetshi Gudhka inaugurated it. Gangaswarup Sarojben Kothari, vaidyaraj Shri Mahendra J. Vaid, Vasumatiben Chudasama and Dr.Deeptiben P. Vaishnav have provided their services. 190 Jain Sadhus and Sadhvijis have benefited through this camp.

On the first death anniversary of late Shri Harakhchand Jethlal Savla, the founder of the trust and a medical social worker, the trust has organized a heart diereses diagnostic camp on 28-7-2001 with the help of donor Maniben Keshvji Anand Khimashia and family (Juni Herper, now at London). Mumbai's Lilavati Hospital's cardiac surgeon Dr.Pavankumar Jain and Nanavati Hospital's cardiologist Dr.Sudhir Vaishnav participated in this camp. The trust has also donated drugs worth rupees 12,000 to the drug bank of Guru Govindsingh Hospital, Jamnagar.

With the help of Banglore's Vijay Group and Indian Cancer Society, the trust has organized a free cancer diagnostic camp for women in Bhivandi. Indian Cancer Society's expert Dr.Deepak Patel, Dr.Pradeep Sud, Dr. M.H.Kisan, Dr.Megha Vyavharkar, Dr.Meenaben Rajulkar and Dr.Pushplaxmi Vadsavle have provided their services.

On their wedding's Silver Jubilee celebration, on 16-1-2002, Shri Dhirajlal Jivraj and Ratanben Dhirajlal Savla has donated different food items to different orphan homes with the help of the trust. They donated 3000 kg of rice, 3000 kg of wheat, 100 kg of sugar, 150 of dal, 50 kg of milk powder, 5 kg of chocolates and peppermints and 200 blankets. They also gave donation of Rs 11,000 to the trust.

Oswal Charitable Trust, Mumbai

Shri Motichand Nathbhai Gosrani (Managing Trusty)
Phone # 567 9047

Shri Kantilal Keshavji Savla (Trustee)
Phone # 415 3783

Shri Hasmukh Karamshi Nagda (Trusty)
Phone # 0288-675678

Shri Mahesh Keshavlal Haria (Trustee)
Phone # 0288-564864

Shri Jivraj Lakhmshi Malde (Trustee)
Phone # 300 7040

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