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Shri Vardhman Gau Veidak Aushdhalay


Office's Address
c/o Ashok General Stores,
Somji Building,
200, third, Kumbharwada,
Mumbai - 400 004
Phone # 388 9961
Workplace - Village - Luni
District - Mundra
State - Kutch - 370 410
Phone # 02838-81136
Clinic's Phone
# 388 9961
# 805 1598

Here they make medicines out of Indian cow's cowdung, cow's urine, ghee, curd and milk. They don't use any machinery to make these medicines. These medicines are useful for many kind of illness. There is no synthetic or chemical material used in these medicines. They are made using Indian, pure, nonviolent aurvedic elements. These medicines have no or less chances of side effects. They are made by expert vaidhyraj. The ghee that is used in different medicine, is more affective if kept in silver vessel.

Following is the list of medicines and their benefits in different diseases -

Name of Medicine Used for
Vardhman Harde Churna acidity, gas trouble, indigestion
Stomach ache and constipation
Vardhman Malish Tel joint pains and any other kinds
Of body pain
Vardhman Balm wounds, heat, eczema and ulcers
Vardhman Shvitranashak white marks and leucoderma
Vardhman Gauvishamjavarvati malaria
Vardhman Gaumutra Arc 108 types of body pains, tension
Strengthens immune system and it is a General tonic
Vardhman Aasav azma cough and cold
Vardhman Balpal Sanjivani any disease among children
Vardhman Nari Sanjivani menstrual problems
Vardhman Eye Drops in all kinds of eye disease
Vardhman Dant Manjan dental problems like swollen germsBad breath and makes teeth white, Shiny and strong
Vardhman Dhup made according to puja ceremony
And ancient books, it keeps the
Atmosphere pleasant
Vardhman Diabetic Arc diabetes and strengthens immune
Vardhman Angrag Soap helps fight body odor and keeps
Body fresh
Vardhman Angrag Powder helps fight body odor and keeps
Body fresh
Vardhman Almpitta Harvati stomach ulcers, heat and acidity
Vardhman Gauabrud Harvati Kanthmal pus from skin rash, tumor
Open wounds and knots
Vardhman Gau Diabetic Harvati diabetes
Vardhman Gauvat Harvati arthritis
Vardhman Gaukadu Harvati skin and teeth disease, worm, heat
Vardhman Sugandhit Keshtel blackens the hair, stop them falling
Falling and stop growing white
Vardhman Gau Swakas Harvati cold, cough and azma
Vardhman Gau Hridvati heart disease, clottage in veins and controls
Vardhman Gau Bahumutra Harvati kidney disease and more discharge of urine
Vardhman Gau Gas Harvati gas trouble
Vardhman Gau Virechan Harvati constipation
Vardhman Gau Balyavati treat weakness and makes one strong
Vardhman Gau Apasmarvati epilepsy
Vardhman Gau Shakti Pradavati Dhatupushtikar for strength
Vardhman Gauaamvat Harvati rumetroid, arthritis and rheumatism
Vardhman Gau Ashmar Harvati stone
Vardhman Dam-Shwas Attack Harvati asthma attack
Vardhman Gau Kas Harvati children's cough
Vardhman Gaudhrutmalam all kinds of body pains and headaches, cold and sinus
Vardhman Shampoo and Soap helps prevent dandruff and give shine to hair
Vardhman Ear Drops hearing problems, pus and itching
Vardhman Nose Drops cold, sinus and headaches
Vardhman Ardit's Drops sinus, sever headaches, rheumatism
Cough and bile
Vardhman for Sleep help getting pleasant sleep and works
In less sleep
Vardhman Eczima Soap eczima and ichiness
Vardhman Gaujirnajavar Harvati general fever
Vardhman Ghatak Abrud Harvati cancer tumor
Vardhman Cancer Hurlep to put from outside on cancer tumor
Vardhman Rajasma Harvati TB
Vardhman Shirashul Harvati headaches
Vardhman Pandu Harvati liver problem
Vardhman Kidenyvati kidney (no dialysis)
Vardhman Sapt Ghautdhrut heat under feet, heat of head, eye and
Cracks in feet
Vardhman Panchgavya Dhrut cancer and it is a general tonic
Vardhman Balya Dhrut for strength
Vardhman Dental Toothpaste dental problems and strengthens teeth
Vardhman Cow's pure Ghee for 27 dieases
Vardhman Shtavari Dhrut for strength
Vardhman Ashvgandha Dhrut for strength
Vardhman Lakva Harvati paralysis attack
Vardhman Madoharvati to loose fat
Vardhman Low BP Harvati for low BP
Vardhman High BP Harvati for high BP
Vardhman Thyroid Harvati thyroid
Vardhman Psoriasis Harvati Skin diseases - psoriasis
Vardhman Koti Ghanvati heart disease, arthritis, bile and
Vardhman Jalad Kshar digestion, indigestion, skin diseases
And to loose fat
Vardhman Pet Dard Harvati stomach diseases

Time - 11am to 7pm (Sunday closed)

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