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 Guest Book
Date: 9-Nov-2015
Name: vrushika dand
Location: Hyderabad
Message: sir till now niyapo for november is not uploaded
Asanjokutch Reply: Dear Vrushika,
We got the Niyapo of Nov 15 just yest. Today it has been uploaded. Kindly check the same.
Support Team

Date: 14-Oct-2015
Name: vrushika dand
Location: Hyderabad
Message: Thank you sir for uploading
may be no one is having that videos because every one will be buzzy while performing rituals.

sir i request you only as an when our festivals come make a video of that and upload

Date: 13-Oct-2015
Name: vrushika dand
Location: Hyderabad
Message: sir i will also request you to please upload our videos based on all rituals which we do in derasar,at the time of pajoshan. each and every thing because mostly people don't know actually what are the rituals.
So, i request you to please give information about our rituals,and upload those videos. and give information about how we perform our rituals.
Itz a suggession for developing interest in our community, and a perfect platform for youngsters to learn this things.
Vrushika dand.
Asanjokutch Reply: Hi Vrushika,
Request anyone who has videos of the same can upload on youtube and send us the links. We shall work on it.
Support Team

Date: 13-Oct-2015
Name: vrushika dand
Location: Hyderabad
Message: i am unable to view October-15 Niapo
i guess itz not uploaded till now.
i request you to please upload niapo
Asanjokutch Reply: Hi Vrushika,

Niyapo for OCT 2015 is uploaded, kindly check the same and enjoy reading.
Support Team

Date: 22-Sep-2015
Name: Nirav Rambhia
Location: Dombivli
Message: Since last evening I m trying for patrikas....(cuurent patrika of 22-09-2015)

Still its not showing...not updated.

Date: 21-Sep-2015
Name: Bipin Bhavanji Nagda
Location: Ghatkopar
Message: Your Patrika publication is superb... My one suggestion... When we want to see already downloaded patrika, we have to press download button and downloads again... If already downloaded then it should open that file instead of downloading... Thanks

Date: 19-Sep-2015
Name: Hiten Hariya
Location: kalyan
Message: when I opened previous patrika date
of 17-09-15 then why opened patrika of 17-12-14?
upload a patrika of 17-09-15 properly.
Asanjokutch Reply: Due to wrong uploading of the Patrika on Mahajan Site,we had not uploaded the Patrika for 17/9/2015 on our site
After getting the same rectified by the Mahajan we have uploaded the Patrika for 17/9/2015 today.

Date: 8-Sep-2015
Name: Vijayanka C Shah
Location: Mumbai
Message: Hello
I, Vijayanka Shah, would like to sincerely thank Asanjo kutch for
providing such a good platform with regard to Matrimonial data.
Finally I have found my Life Partner (though not through Asanjo kutch)
but it has played a major role in spreading and knowing people in KVO.
Its a great venture for the society and I hope I can also contribute in
this way.
Best Wishes to Asanjo Kutch Team for future projects.
Asanjokutch Reply: Dear Vijayanka,

First, Please accept our heartiest congratulations from the entire team of Asanjokutch. Wish you many many wonderful years of Marital bliss.
Secondly, Thank you very much for your words of appreciation. They mean a lot to us.
Support Team

Date: 5-Sep-2015
Name: Hasmukh shah
Location: Mumbai
Message: Patrika not loaded on date 5/9/15.what is the problem
Asanjokutch Reply: Dear Sir,
We would like to inform that that Patrika was not uploaded from Patrika office due to some technical issue.We have uploade the Patrika of 05/09/2015 now.

Date: 2-Sep-2015
Name: ashok visaria
Location: dadar
Message: nice

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