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 Guest Book
Date: 11-Nov-2017
Name: jiten k lalan
Location: Madhya Pradesh
Message: Thank you for your updations!!!!
Asanjokutch Reply: Thanks a lot sir we appericiate your feedback.

Date: 3-Nov-2017
Name: Bharat Sethia
Location: Thane
Message: Today is 3rd November & your site is providing us khabar patrika of 2nd November for today.!!!!! Any Reason for considering yesterday as today? Seems to b EUREKA MOMENT. KUTCH NU GAURAV should be full page ad
Asanjokutch Reply: Hello Bharatbhai,
The date on the Patrika page for patrika to be downloaded was showing 2nd Nov 2017 and the patrika also was of 2nd Nov 2017. Today the date on Publication page shows 3rd Nov 2017 and the Patrika uploaded is also 3rd Nov 2017. Kindly check the same. Regards

Date: 29-Oct-2017
Name: premchand
Location: malad. west
Message: Best of best

Date: 22-Oct-2017
Name: brijesh dedhia
Location: mumbai
Message: hello,
we require old khabar patrika dated back of 6th july 1999 to 13th july 1999 for a cliping which we provided back then.
kindly do the needful and make it on urgent basis.
have provided the email also so if possible kindly revert asap.
thank you. jai jinendra
Asanjokutch Reply: Dear Sir you will have to contact the main Patrika Office at Masjid Bunder.

Date: 28-Sep-2017
Name: Deepak malde
Location: Wadala
Message: Cho membar

Date: 20-Sep-2017
Name: Kamlesh veera
Message: Hi am Jain kamlesh veera

Date: 15-Sep-2017
Name: Sanjay Damji Savla
Location: Mulund West Mumbai
Message: I need Paprika of 04 /08/2017.
Asanjokutch Reply: Patrika has been uploaded for 04-08-2017.

Date: 12-Sep-2017
Name: Udai
Location: Madurai
Message: Very interest

Date: 28-Aug-2017
Name: Prakash Ganger
Location: MUMBAI
Message: It's Mondat 28/08/17 at 09.00am.
CM organizors had 27/08 Khabar Patrika on their Site.This site was Missing.Keep it On.

Date: 5-Aug-2017
Name: Ankit
Location: Pune
Message: August 1 and August 4 khabar Patrika not available for download.
Can you please upload at least the first few pages of Patrika for these days and not the entire if the file size is too big for all the pages.
Even a black and white version of Patrika would reduce the size for uploading in case when the size is too big.
But at least upload something instead of anything.
Asanjokutch Reply: The file size for Patrika of 01-08-2017 & 04/08/2017, is 44 MB which is not possible to Upload such a big file on Site.

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