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Jain Derasar | Mandir | School | Hospital | Places


Jain Derasar

Nearly hundred years ago Shri Vershi Raghu has built the main Derasar. The main God of the derasar is Chdraprabhuji
Bhagawan. The Deri at the East Side was build by Shri Virji Nenshi and the Deri at the West Side was build by Veerji Malu. The inauguration of the derasar was held in 2008 and 2017 according to Hindu calendar.

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Bada's Temples and other Religious Places

Shri Hanuman Temple

Near the entrance of village there is a Shri Hanuman Temple in Naka Fariya where devotees put candles and oil each morning and evening.

Shri Pathapir
This place is in Vad Fariya where, in each morning and in evening the devotees lit light. In this area there is an ancient Banyan tree and there is a place of Maradpir.

Shri Panjorapir
This place is situated 3 km from the West Side of the village near the beach. Here devotees put Prasad and later enjoy swimming in the sea.

Shri Hajipir
The darhgah of Hajipir is at the West Side of the village. Every year in the month of Chaitra according to Hindu calendar they set a fair.

Shri Jakkha Dev
This temple is in Jakkha Fariya in the village and in the first Monday of the month Chaitra according to Hindu calander. In this Fariya devotes does bhajans.

Shri Shitalamataji
On the Bada-Layaja approach road, at the end of the village, on the riverbank this place is situated. Here the devotee takes Prasad.

Shri Satimataji
This place is situated near the village at the East Side on the road towards Janakpur. The devotees of the village does Pahedi after the day they do the Pahedi of the Jakhha Dev on the first Monday of Chaitra according to Hindu calendar

Shri Thakar Mandir
This temple is build in 1950 according to Hindu calendar, and according to Vedanta, it is build in the middle of the village by Murji Ratanshi. Every morning and evening the devotees do puja and light. They also celebrate Gokulasthami and also put Dhvaja on the same day.

Shri Bhimnath Mahadev's Temple
This temple is build by Vaishnav community on the west south side of the village, nearly one km from the riverbank. Recently Shri Jethalal Monji Khatri renovated the temple.

Shri Ganesh Mandir
This temple is in the community area of Hrijans of the village.

There are two upashrays in the village, one near the Jain derasar which was build by the Mahajan under the supervision of Shri Keshavji Ghela. (pic.7). The second upashray is situated at Chadva Fariya which was build by Shri Keshvji Narshi and Shri Ganshi Aasag in the memory of Devshi Rayshi.These upashrays are mainly used by the Jain sadhus for lectures, Pratikraman, Pujas and other religious activities. There is a new meditation hall built opposite of derasar,

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Educational Institutions

Shri Kutch Bada Jain Mitr Mandal runs a nursery which helped by "Shrimati Mulibai Bhanji Devji Educational Help Fund".

The Primary School
Shri Kutch Bada Mitr Mandal runs, Shri Narshi Jadhav Kheraj and Shri Korshi Kaya school which has 1st to 7th standard. They also run English classes. There are 244 students right now.

Hariya Highschool

This highschool is made in the name of Matushri Hansbai Velshi Lakamshi and Mtushri Laxmiben Nanji Veerji, in 1992. In 1993 this school has won the best school and the best teachers award by

Gujrat Regional Educational Committee. They have standard from 8th to 10th.

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Health Facility

Shri Nanjibhai Ramji Public Medical Clinic is run by Shri Kutch Bada Jain Mitr Mandal at low rate. Including small villages around Bada every year at least 12000 patients uses this clinic.

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Other Places

The Entrance Gate
The splendid entrance gate of Bada which is also known as "Pujya Munishri Manek Vijayji Entrance Gate" was the student of Parampujya Padama Vijayji Maharaj Sahab. The sons of Matushri Jethibai Jethabhai Nensi Savla, in her memory gave this gate to the gram panchayat.

Bus Stand
Matushri Jethibai Jethabhai Nenshi Savla's sons Shri Keshavji

Jethabhai, Shri Narshi Jethabhai, Shri Meghji Jethabhai Savla and family give the building of Bus stand to the Gram Panchayat.


Water Stand
Shri Kutch Bada Jain Mitr Mandal runs the water stand near the bus stand where tired travelers drinks water. Shri Kunwarji Ramji Savla, Kalyanji Ramji Savla and Ravji Ramji Savla are the doners of the water stand.

The pigonhouse is situated on the second floor of the building, near the derasar and opposite of Mahajan does the Mahajan own office. ) They also feeds dogs regularly as well as facilitate the drinking water for the cattle. In the time of shortage animal welfare the donors also run activities.

Public Facilities

The library run by Shri Kutch Bada Jain Mitr Mandal has daily newspapers, weekly newspapers and monthly magazines and books that are used by the villagers.

Telephone Exchange
Bada's telephone exchange is also and incoming STD center. It has 55 phone lines and village Bada is grouped with other 8 villages by group dialing.

Mahajan's Office
There is an office of Mahajan in the village that helps religious, social and life saving activities.

When you enter in the village you will see Shri Monshi Thobhan guesthouse which is run by Shri Bada Jain Mahajan.

GramPanchayat's Office
Bada's Pnchayat office is run by the district panchyat. Shri Keshvji Jethbhai Savla gave Panchayat building.

According to Hindu calendar Jain Mahajanwadi was built in 1963 in the middle of the village. The renovation of Mahajanwadi was done in 2034 according to Hindu calendar. Mahajanwadi is for religious and social activities.

The West Side Dharmshala
Years ago Manekbai, the widow of Shri Tulsidas Meghji of Bhatia society built Dharmshala at the West Side of the village. This is used for the public activities.


Public Places

Topansar Pond
Near the Vugni River, situated big Topansar pond that is full of water. This pond is used to washed clothes and as drinking water for the animals. There are wells of sweet water near the pond.

The encouraging youth of village started the mitridham. Here you will notice beautiful garden and facilities for all ages.

Vipashyana center
There is "Dharm Sindu" international Vipashyana center in the village. This center is among the 32 centers of the world that explains the scientific method of meditation. They have the big meditation hall in which 100 people can meditate at a time and they have guesthouses. To build this place, the lad was gifted by helpful personality called Khushalbhai Kalyanji Gada. The inspiration for this center is Pujya Shri Satyanaranji Goenka.

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