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Shri Jain Derasar

The spire Derasar of Shri Chndraprabhu Swami was built in the middle of the village in 1922, according to Hindu calendar, by Shri Sangh, which is recorded in the book called Achalgach Digdarshan. The main God of the Derasar is Chandraprabhu Swami.

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Thakur Temple

Thakur temple of Vaishnavs is situated in the middle of the village and on the West Side from the derasar. It was renovated in 1985 with the help of all.

Shiv Temple

In the East Side of the village resides Shiv Temple where devotees do puja
of Shiv.

Hanuman Temple

It resides in the south side of the village.

Dumrapir and other Pirs

All 4 sides of the village are protected by 7 pirs. At the north side has the place of Dumrapir. In the east side of the village has the place of Hajipir near river, in the west has Kandhopir near Khariwadi, Ladapir on

the road of Lathedi, ahead is the place of Namtaliyopir, near the dam is Mathopir and near the Pandai well has the place of Diyalpir; thus 7 Pir brothers along with their sister Bhibhalai's place at the place of Dumrapir resides here.

Mosque, Idgah and Hingora Mosque

Muslims resides in the south side of the village of Dumra. There is a mosque for their religious activities and prayers , and also have Idgah near New Boarding and Hingora's place at the backside of the highschool.


In the East Side of the village resides the cremated stones of Satis.

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Medical clinic and hospital

Seth Shri Ratanshi Murji built a medical clinic in the middle of the village from his own trust and ran it for 35-40 years. He himself looked after the clinic. Then he built the huge building for the hospital that he himself looked after and gave it to the government for people's benefits. People, who can't reach to the hospital for any reasons, can use the mobile clinic.

Shri Dumra Balashram

In 1975, according to Hindu calendar, a poisonous fever attacked Kutch. Lots of people were dying everyday and so many children were becoming orphans. During this year Shri Padmvijayji Maharaj's Chaturmas was at Dumra. He took the responsibility of orphan children. At the end, the leaders of different villages donated and Shirr Kutchi Visa Oswal Jain Balashram was established in Dumra. Today this institution is known as Shri Kalyanji Thakarshi and sons Jain Vidhyaniketan and Shri Karsan Ladhu Nisar Saraswati Sadan.

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Dumra Highschool

During 1957-58, they were giving sanctions for new highschools in Kutch. When it was sanctioned for Dumra highschool, the Mandal built a highschool from the donations given by late Lalji Asaria. Thus the locals now get education till S.S.C. here in Dumra.

Primary School

The state started government schools and took responsibilities of Primary Schools. Shri Dumra Seva Sangh started the primary school with the donations given by the villagers and with the help of Government.

Girl School

For years, girls of the village were studying at Darbari Schools and at Dumra Balashram till 3rd and 4th standard. In 1957, they built the girl school through the arrangements in the will of late Shri Khimji Ratanshi Parbat and it is now run by the government.


In the memory of Padmavijayji Maharaj, who stayed in Dumra, was built "Param Pujya Munishri Padmavijayji Maharajsaheb, Matushri Devkaben Jeevraj Karani Balamandir".

Navoday Vidhyalay

70 years ago Shri Padmavijayji Maharaj suggested starting boarding for Kutchi Visa Oswal children in the district of Abdasa and so the Navoday Vidhyalay started in Dumra.


Late Khimji Nathubhai started reading hall and ran it for long. Shri Dumra Sarvoday Mandal runs right now Shri Bhanji Narshi Karani Free Reading Hall and Library.

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Social, Public and other Institutions and Places


Dumra Grampanchayat works for the water-tap plan of the village, streetlight and for the other beneficiary activities of the village. Panchayat's office is situated near the bus stand and pond.

Shri Dumra Jain Mahajan

To develop their cast and for religious purposes, the Jains of Dumra established the Mahajan years ago. The main office of Dumra Jain Mahajan resides in Dumra and does religious, social and cultural activities. Shirr Dumra Jain Mahajan runs the administration of Jain Derasar, of Mahajanwadi, of Jain Upashray and Ayambil department.


Big Mahajanwadi resides in the West Side of the village of Dumra. According to the nameplate over there, Shri Rajpar Palan had built the Mahajanwadi. Mahajan does different social, religious and cultural activities here.


There are 2 Upashrays in the village for Jain Sadhus and Sadhvis. Old Upashry is in the name of Shri Shamji Velji and the new Upashry is in the name of Shri Ranshi Velji .

Ayambil and Swamivatsaly Department

For the Aymabil of religious people of the village and for the Sanghs and pilgrims of Abdasa's Panchtirthi, the Ayambil and Swamivatsaly departments are run in the village.


Gyanshala of the village contributed in girl education and Jain religious education. This Shala was built by Late Khimji Ratanshi Parbat and was run by celibate Kunwarbai AKA Gangubai. Here they give shelter and educate girls, widows and the women who were left and they also run Sanskrit classes by Pandits for Sadhus and Sadhvis.

Shri Dumra Seva Sangh and Shri Dumra Sarvoday Mandal

For the social and cultural activities of the village, Shirr Dumra Seva Sangh was established on 15-2-1948 and it does different activities. It stops working and so Shirr Dumra Sarvoday Mandal was established in 1971. This Mandal runs local library. It also provides books to the school children through book bank, distributes books, runs coaching classes. It also gives loans for higher studies and also has plan for prizes.

Shri Dumra Nari Vrund

Under the flag of Dumra Sarvoday Mandal, Dumra's women do different activities and does puja ceremonies in the name of Dumra Nari Vrund.

Dumra Youth Mandal

Shri Dumra Youth Mandal was established in 1983. Under this institution, the youth of Dumra does different activities.


"Matushri Kunwarbai Velji Narshi" and "Shrimati Hirbai Champsi Velji Karani Bhojnalay" resides in Dumra. Here they provide pure and nutritional meals in very reasonable prices.

Gramin Bank

The Dumra Gramin Bank, the branch of Dena Bank, provides facilities for the villagers.

Post and Telegraph office

Dumra Circle Post Office is the center of the near by 3 villages. Here they have facilities of posts and money orders.

Telephone facility

The service that connects to any part of India is available in Dumra.

Pond-Havada-Water-Tap Plan-River-Dam-Vad and Viara and Khan

The people of the cast Gusai Devadhar Kunwarghar built the pond of "Kubrasar". During the famine of 1996, it was deepened from the donation of Rs. 25,000 given by Late Keshvji Jadavji Bhatia. Water won't stay in this pond. But the 2 Viaras that resides in the middle of the pond has lots of water. There are Havadas in all 4 sides of the village for cattle to drink water . In the East Side of the village resides Mitho Havado and in the north is Dumrapir's Havado . Villagers use little ponds, dam and Khan to wash clothes.

Bus Stand

As Dumra resides before the great Panchtirthi of Kutch, the buses is keep on coing and going in the village. The bus stand of Dumra is connected to Mandvi, Bhuj and Ghandhidham through bus routes.

Water Stand

"Sheth Ravji Gova Water Stand" is built for the travelers who travels here through buses.


Dumra's Shri Jetha Narshi, Shri Murji Hirji, Shri Ratanshi Parbat and others built the pigeonhouse and gave it to Dumra Mahajan.


Dumra Jagir's Darbargardh resides in the south side of the village.

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