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Motikhakar's 'Adinath Derasar' that is built in 1659 according to Hindu calendar is very gorgeous and full of ancient artistic carvings. The main God in the derasar is 'Adinath Prabhu' and beside his statue lies the statues of 'Shri Sambhavnath Prabhu' and 'Shri Vimalnath Prabhu'. Pilgrims from different parts of India come here everyday to worship.

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In old times when travelers don't have the mechanical vehicles to travel, they either have to walk or use animal carts to go from one place to other. Many of the times it took days in travelling and when travelers traveled through Motikhakhar, they needed the place to rest and spend night. So in 1989 according to Hindu calendar a 'Dharmshala' was built to let the travelers rest some of the times from their long journeys.

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There are different temples in Motikhakhar. There is a 'Shiv' temple in the village where many believers come and worship the lord. Every evening they also perform 'Aarti' here.

In 2044 according to Hindu calendar they have built 'Shri Ambamataji' temple in Motikakhar.

There are many other temples of different Gods and Goddesses like 'Shri Khetarpal Dada' , 'hanuman Temple' , 'Laxminarayan temple' , 'Shri Shitalmaji's Temple' , 'Thakar Temple', 'Jwalamaiya', 'Faiba',' Shri Ganeshji Deri', 'Jamalmataji', etc.

There are 'Dargahs' in the village besides Derasar and temples. 'Shri Audhusa Pir Dargah' which is worship by many devotees. 'Bhiyan Pir's' place is built in 1902 according to Hindu calendar . The place where 'Shah Pir's' dargah has been built, there is an old tree of 'Neem' which is considered the oldest tree in the village, which depicts the antiquity of the dargah as well as of the tree. there is also the dargah of 'Mardasha Pir' in the village.

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Through the educational committee of Kutch district, the government builds a primary school where they have 1st to 7th standards. There is enough support from
the local 'Mahajan' and from the villagers to keep the school busy and going. This school has participated tremendously in the educational growth of the village.Besides the primary school in Mothikhakhar they also started the nursery for young children.

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Public Places

The gate built by Mr. Umarshi Hirji Chadva welcomes you when you enter the village.

There is a built water tank in the village for the water facility.. In 1985 according to Hindu calendar, there is a water plan sanctioned by the government and under that plan they provide water to the village through seven stand post twice in a day.

For the prosperity and progress of the village, there is a committee house in the village. This committee does works like plantations, watering plants, take notes about the births and deaths in the village; take care of chattels, etc.

There is a public library built in the village in the memory of Shri Panbai Kunvarji Padamshi. This library has daily newspapers, magazines and periodicals.

"Motikhakhar Mahajan" has built a bus stand in the village. This bus stand stays busy whole day as Motikakhar is linked with different cities through transportation.

They have built a public place where the cattle of the village drink water. There is a public bathroom near by that.

There is a sub post office in Motikhakhar. "Motikhakhar Jain Mahajan" also provides electric facility as well as 'Kandagra Exchange' telephone service.

Outside the village in East Side there is a graveyard where they perform rituals for the dead.

When you leave the village you will come across the exit gate built by Mr. Umarshi Hirji Chadva.

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