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Shri Bhupeshkumar Premji Gala Balmandir

The widow Shri Panbai Virji Monshi has donated her old house to Mahajanshri to start balmandir there, Bhupeshkumar Gala, the son of Premji Hansraj and grandson of Shri Hansraj Veera has died at the age of 8

and so in his memory they have donated 25000 to the balmandir and asked to give its name after his dead son.They built well-equipped building for the balmandir in 1983 and started it.

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Shri Devji Dharshi Memorial Hospital

Shri Devji Gala was always willing to work for others, unselfish and a hardworking chief of local Mahajan. He worked as a truthful worker for 16 years. After his sad demise they decided to build her memorial. Through the donation of 25000 RS.
By Miss Laxmiben Chimanlal, they built renovated the hospital in2039 according to Hindu calendar and gave its name as Shri Devji Memorial Hospital.

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Sheth Hajibhai Lalji Panchayati Pathshala
Seth Hajibhai Lalji built a splendid school building that was ran by his private trust. In 2004 according to Hindu calendar, Shri Samaghogha Jain Mitr Mandal has taken the charge of the school. In recent times the school is ran by district panchayat.

Matushri Vejbai Panchayati Girl School

Shri Samaghogha Jain Mitr Mandal has inaugurated the public free girl school in1927 according to Hindu calendar; Mitr Mandal has built the new building for the school. In 1998, according to Hindu
calendar, the family of Shri Daya Devshi has donated 8000 rupee to the school and changed its name to Matushri Vejbai Public Free Girl School. In recent times the school is run by district panchayat.

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Shri Samagogha Jain Mahajanwadi

Mainly known as Hasamwadi, this building is given away for Mahajanwadi by the family of Mr. Daya Devashi in 1971 Mr. Gangji Kunvarji Vora donated 15,000 RS. For the guesthouse and a lecture hall for the guests who came during Chaturmas

Ladies Bathroom
Shri Ghangji Kunwarji Vora who lived in Madura suggested opening this very important facility. Through the efforts of Shri Gaghabhai Punshi Sangoi and Shri Ghangji Kunwarji Vora, a well, bathroom and latrine was built in 1961-62 and the charge was given to Mhahjanshri.

Pigeonhouse and Protective Wall
To protect Bhagwan Shri Shankar's temple, saints' graves and the village from the folded river the wall, which was also used as a storage for grains and the pigeon house were built by the family of Shri Daya Devshi.

Laxmi Gate
Near the village bus station, at the bank of a pond resides very artistic and elegant entrance gate. This gate was made by Shri Gangji Kunwarji Vora family and was dedicated to his late brother Vasnjibhai Kunwarji Vora's wife Laxmiben, which is the name of the gate.

Surya Sanatorium
The daughter of Samaghogha who become saint and called Bal Bhramchari Param Pujya Shri Surybai Swami stayed steady in one position for about 5 and half years and then died in Samaghogha. They have decided to built a memorial of her and so Shri Samaghogha Chalavati Sangh built 8000 foots' splendid with nice facilities on 20,000 foots' splendid plot.

Shri Devchadra Library
Shri Devchandra Library that is situated at big sthanak nears the treasure religious books. Saints and sadhus mainly use this library. Besides them it is also used by the curious and people who takes interest in religion.

Shri Dharamshi Dhana Reading Hall and Library
In 2000 according to Hindu calendar, Shri Samaghogha Jain Mitr Mandal started a reading hall and then a library in a rented place. In 2008 according to Hindu calendar, Shri Amrutlal Dharamshi Dhana donated RS. 10,000 to the Mahajan. So the reading hall and the library get its name from the donator and they built well-equipped building in the middle of the village for it.

Ganga Swarup Devkaben Kanwarji Vora lecture Hall
In 1973, Devkaben did life-ending fasts and after her death they got 8900 RS. From her 'Dhaja Patak Uchamni' at Mandvi, which was donated by her son Shri Gangji Kunwarji Vora along with RS. 11000, to Shri Shamaghogha Chokah Jain sangh to built new Sthanak and the sangh has dedication its name to Devkaben Vyakhyan Hall to preserve her memory.


In Samaghogha, here resides Chahkoti Jain Sthanak, office of panchayat , jadeja Pachanji Lakhaji Dharmshala and bus sand , Thakur Mandir , Dargah of Shah Bukhari Pir , Quarter of family planning and midwife and water facility branch's office

In the memory of Shri Virji Monshi, they have started a religious fund plan that is mainly used for the people who needs medical treatment. Educational help, etc. There is an Ayambil Trust started by the widow Nanbai Keshavji Channa. At the time of Pujya Ratanbai Mahasatiji 'Chaturmas', through the efforts of Bal Bhramchari Sulochana Mahasatiji, they have started Samaghogha Mahela Mandal.

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