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12th Century Foundation of Jadeja Community
1147 Jam Lakha became a ruler of throne.
1410 Muzaffar Shah took over Vaghad
1590 Kutch lost Morbi Estate
1605 Foundation of Bhuj
1617 Bharmalji met Jahangir
1617 The coin Kori began in Kutch
1655 Mogal King Dara visited Kutch
1666 Shah Murad visited Kutch
1720 Devkaran Seth was declared Diwan
1730 Sarbuland Khan attacked Kutch and was defeated.
1738 Devkaran Seth was murdered
1741 Lakhpatji stole away the throne
1762 The battle of Zhara started
1765 Poison was given to Punja Seth
1775 Sarfarazkhan attacked Kutch
1786 Fateh Mohammad got the throne
1788 Foundation of Barbhaya' in Kutch
1809 Contract between Fateh Mohammad and Kernal Walker
1813 Fateh Mohammad died
1816 Contract between Bharmalji and Britishers
1819 Britishers defeated Bharmalji
1819 Kutch was damaged by disastrous earthquake
1820 The Death of Mc Mordo.
1834 Contract between Deshalji and Britishers.
1840 Infanticide was completely stopped
1842 Adhoi was included in Morbi
1850 First Gujarati School started
1852 First post office and first telegraph office started
1857 Kutch had disastrous drought
1866 First Anglo-Vernacular School started
1866 First girls' School began
1870 Alfred High school started
1877 Art School started in Kutch
1890 Lord Curzan visited Kutch
1892 Swami Vivekananda in Kutch
1893 The news paper Kutch Samachar started from Mumbai
1896 Chatrabhuj Bhatt was given punishment of Jail.
1897 Kutch was troubled by Plague
1902 Kutchi people held seminar in Mumbai for the state
1905 Anjar-Tuna Railway started
1919 The Foundation of Kutch Students Association in Mandvi
1919 Establishment of Kutch Seva Samaj in Mandvi
1921 The facility of bus started in Kutch
1923 Congress started the movement of Khadi
1925 Mahatma Gandhi in Kutch
1926 Establishment of Kutchi People's Society
1937 Postal Services to Bhuj-Ahmedabad and Mumbai-Karachi started
1938 Yusuf Maherali came to Kutch
1942 Experiment of Bomb making in Anjar
1942 Tata Air Services began
1948 Contract between Indian Government and Maharao Madansinhji
1948 Kutch was included under Indian Government
1949 Foundation of Indrabai Girls School in Bhuj
1952 First Industrial Conference
1952 Establishment of Kandla Port
1952 First Election was held
1956 Earthquake damaged Anjar
1956 Kutch was included under Maharashtra Government
1959 Floods troubled Bhuj
1959 Lottery was banned
1960 Kutch became district of Gujarat State
1965 India-Pakistan war took place
1968 Charbet' was lost
1968 Satyagruh' in Kutch
1969 First Broad gauge railway started
1971 India-Pakistan war took place
1998 Cyclone struck Kandla
1999 Cyclone struck again
2001 Earthquake destroyed Kutch




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