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 Guest Book
Date: 9-Dec-2014
Name: kalpana m vora
Location: chennai /navinar
Message: Enjoy reading patrika. Patrika of 9th not loaded

Date: 9-Dec-2014
Name: vishal
Location: koday
Message: hello

when you upload 9th december patrika.

Date: 8-Dec-2014
Name: nilesh dedhia
Location: borivali
Message: hi

Date: 30-Nov-2014
Name: bhavini
Location: pune
Message: Patrijs

Date: 24-Nov-2014
Name: bhavesh savla
Location: mumbai
Message: I think we should also start publishing births in community. Everyday we see 4-5 death but no news of birth in community. Id your community growing or declining?
Asanjokutch Reply: Dear Bhaveshbhai,
We only upload patrika online for members to read. The content of the Khabar Patrika is taken care by the Khabar Patrika Committee. You can address them directly regarding your request.

Support Team

Date: 16-Nov-2014
Name: Praful R Shah
Location: Houston, Texas USA
Message: It is unusual to read obituary in English in Patrika. Is there any way to select the language? Reader should have choice selecting language. This is progress backward.

Date: 12-Nov-2014
Name: rahul shah
Location: malad
Message: I think u need to be work on business caterogery
Asanjokutch Reply: Hello Rahul,

Kindly provide your correct numbers so that we can understand what is the point you want to drive home. If you give wrong numbers while putting up suggestions we are forced to doubt your intentions.
Support Team

Date: 31-Oct-2014
Name: Usha Shah
Location: chennai
Message: Please send me khabar patrika of january 2003 4and 5

Date: 9-Oct-2014
Name: Upendra Varma
Location: Auckland New Zealand
Message: Many thanks for creating online in and on facebook site "AsanjoKutch" for all kutches people and friends. GOD bless you in future do more such thing for people of Kutch. Ref: As I read the Shri Zaverchand Meghani's story books. And in "Hothal Padmini" and "Shrene" in Rasdhar ni Vartao". I do have many friends from Kutch in Bombay and Baroda. In Bombay down the building there was "Sarvodaya Grocery Shops run by two honest kutchi brothers. His handwriting was excellent which he entered on account book. Now they change business in printing. In Dadsheth Agiary lane now many kutchi seller papers, card boards of various type.
Do you have Kutchi to Gujarati language dictionary!!! If so let me know I want to buy for library. Many thanks.
Asanjokutch Reply: Thank You Mr. Verma for your Kind Words of appreciation. Regarding the dictionary I dont think we have any such dictionary to be able to help you. Maybe if some viewer or our member is able to help and they contact us, we shall definitly revert.

Support Team

Date: 26-Sep-2014
Name: Dinesh Mankad
Location: Ahmedabad
Message: Appreciate your best efforts to connect kutchis in a new way. You have try to share all type of details releted kutch.All wishes to all team members
Asanjokutch Reply: Dear Dineshbhai,

Thank you very much for your words of appreciation. Its means a lot to the entire team of asanjokutch. May God be with all of us in this effort in binding each and every Kutchi across the globe in one thread called asanjokutch.

Warm Regards
Support Team

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