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|| Shree Shantinathay Namaha ||

Shri Vardhman Jivdaya Kendra

About Us

Shree Vardhman Jeevdaya Kendra is a 15 yrs old charitable trust operating in the Dist.of Kutch, in Gujarat. The main objective of our trust is to save and perfect the domestic animals from cruelty & afford them medical treatments etc. Our trust in one way helps in the Conversation Of animal wealth, which we possess. Our main animals consist of ill, old or handicapped cows, buffalo's & other small domestic animals like pets, dogs, pigeons etc.

The area where we conduct our charity is the desert of Kutch where we find two things, Scarcity of food & water & unbearable heat. It is totally a drought affected area where poor animals die because of want of food, water & shelters. We as a human being have a lot of facilities to protect ourselves from such problems but what about the poor animals.

They forcibly have to lead a life that his master (the farmer) directs. The poor animals are forced to work in very very hot atmosphere for at least 10 to 12 hours. We humans get tired after working 8 hours & if we are forced to work beyond our limit then what we do is that we leave the job. But do the poor animals have an option ? Even after working so hard they are not given sufficient water & food. Because of which these poor animals get sick or get handicapped or they may even die. The farmers also do not have that much funds to treat these animals. The option they have is just to leave these animals in the desert in that poor & ill condition.

The role of trust comes here. We bring such animals to our place, treat them, give green grass, and keep with us as long they live. Even we treat such animals which are brought by their own masters to us for their treatment, make them healthy & send back to the original master. This is really a work of charity, which is needed to be admired. At present the trust has around 1000 animals with them for their medical treatment or are in their shelters. The activity of our trust is good that even the Commissioner Of Charity has given us Certificate under section 35AC, that is the donor can claim 50% deduction . 100 % deduction is available only to a few like Prime Minister's of Chief Minister's Relief fund or such other organizations.

Office : C/o, Ashok General Stores, 200, Dr. M.G. Mahimatura marg, 3rd Kumbhar Wada,
Somji Building, Mumbai - 4
Tel. : 3889961 C/o : 3866568 Fax : 3850158

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