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99 Yatra

|| Shree Shantinathay Namaha ||

Shri Vardhman Jivdaya Kendra

Here Are Some Of The Salient Points Of Our Activities

1. Sheltered so far 8000 animals during years of draught and famine
2. Distribution of grass for animals at a concessional rate to other panjrapole
3. Construction of new avadas (small water tanks where cattles can drink water)
4. Feeding grains to pigeons and rotlas to dogs
5. Saved cattle from going to slaughter house and complete treatment to all animals for their ailments
6. 7000 animals are saved from going to slaughter house till today
7. Medical camps with vet doctors, traeting animals and immunising against diseases and also surgical operation where required.
8. Farming without use of chemical manure and without using pesticides but by using only traditional manure of cow's urine & cow's dung - i.e. only organic manure
9. Extending full co-operation by personal visits to other panajarapole, kabutarkhana to advice and to guide them for healthy animal feed and rendering medical treatment including surgery where necessary
10. Mobile medical van going around nearby villages to treat animals on the spot ather sevices, also dispensary and hospital on permanent basis to treat animals and birds
11. Appointed qualified veterinary doctors to look after & treat animals / birds at Luni Panjarapole
12. Arranged about 40 medical camps wherein 45000 animals were treated and will be similarly treated in future in such camps.
13. Research and farming of good quality grass.
14. Planning for Gaushala (Panjarapole for cows) for good breeding of cows.
15. Educating and guiding villagers re = common animal diseases, sings of such diseases and the treatment for the same
16. About 1, 00,000 sick animals are treated so far till December, 2001 in 40 villages by mobile medical van with vet doctors.
17. 24 hours round the clock availability of veterinary doctors in Luni's hospital for animals /birds.
18. Facility for ambulances to bring in and take out sick animals/birds.
19. Planning and solutions for problem of panjarapoles.
20. Correspondence with the Government in difficult problems to find the solutions.
21. Efforts on continuous basis for Government grant for panjarapole and Gaushalas in general with the aim of better animal welfare.
22. Keeping in mind health welfare of animals and pure sentiments of religion, non-veg food or impure or stale or decayed food is given to animals in our panjarapole.
23. Terminally ill animals are exposed to Jain Navakar Mantra and religious stanvas (Hymans) in there last moments of life so they pass out perfectly.
24. Planning in such a way that panjarapole staff attend and care/treat animals in course of daily routine with love and dedication from their heart.
25. Planning to bring to life pastures so that animals graze and feed on such fields to their satisfaction.
26. Certified as ideal panjarapole by Animal Welfare Board, Govt of India, and Chennai as well as Gauseva Ayog of Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar.
27. Only institution in Gujarat State to give education to make ayurvedic medicines
from indigenous cow urine and cow dung.

Office : C/o, Ashok General Stores, 200, Dr. M.G. Mahimatura marg, 3rd Kumbhar Wada,
Somji Building, Mumbai - 4
Tel. : 3889961 C/o : 3866568 Fax : 3850158

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