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|| Shree Shantinathay Namaha ||

Shri Vardhman Jivdaya Kendra

Pay For A Noble Cause - An Appeal For Donation

Respected Sir,
We the Trustees of "Shree Vardhaman Jivdaya Kendra" deem it a pleasure and our duty to come to you for a benevolent support for the noble cause of continuing the esteemed tradition of the ANIMAL PANJARAPOL/GAUSHALA so enriched during the past and dedicated to march ahead today.

We have to state that our organization was founded on 16-10-1986 and since then increasing flow of progress. Organisation is a Public Charitable Trust registered by the Charity Commissioner, Bombay and awarded as "ADARSH GAUSHALA (Gujarat)" by the animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai, Since January 1999, (Ministry of enviroment and Forest Govt. of India, Delhi). We alsowork in co-ordination with the Bombau Humanitarian League, Mumbai-3.
Our Gaushala/Panjarapol is situated at Village Luni (Dist. Mundra) in Kutch, where at present big and small unhealthy animals and birds take shelter. We run a Mobile-Van Hospital. Our appointed Vet. Doctors perform operations on sick animals free of cost, which includes free medicines and animal food.

Donation can be made in cash/A/c. payee cheque/DD payable at Mumbai in favour of "Shree Vardhaman Jivdaya Kendra" and to be sent to our Mumbai office. It should be noted that donation is exempted U/S 35AC of I.Tax Act, 1961. i.e. 100% deduction in total taxable income. Audit report of our organization will be given on request.

Schemes of Donation

1. Permanent Plaque Scheme

Rs. 2,555 Permanent one day animal/birds medical treatment
Rs. 5,555 Permanent one day animal fodder (Cattle feed/grass)
Rs. 5,555 Permanent one day rolta feeding to dogs and grain feeding to birds
Rs. 25,555 Donor Adhar Stambh (supporting pillar)
Rs. 45,555 Permanent One Month animals / birds medical treatment
(10'' * 12" Laminated donor's photo will be installed)
Rs. 51,111 Animal Shelter Donor
Rs. 55,555 Lifegiving donor / Animal Fodder Donor
Rs. 75,555 Permanent one month Animal Fodder donor
(16' * 22' Laminated donor's photo will be installed)


2. Following sums received in donation will be used in animal welfare work

Rs. 15,555 Donor for one month animal / birds medical treatment
Rs. 8,181 Donor for animal / bird medical treatment camp
Rs. 3,636 Donor for one day animal fodder
Rs. 5,454 Donor for one month convryance for animal / birds
Rs. 1,818 Donor for one day animal fodder
Rs. 300 Donor for one month animal maintainence
Rs. 3,636 Donor for sweets feeding (Mistan - jaggery)
Rs. 3,636 Donor for one month medecines for animals / birds
Rs. 6,363 Donor for one month conveyance for treatment to animal / bird


Office : C/o, Ashok General Stores, 200, Dr. M.G. Mahimatura Marg, 3rd Kumbhar Wada,
Somji Building, Mumbai - 4
Tel. : 3889961 C/o : 3866568 Fax : 3850158

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